SUP & Kayak Rentals

We have a small fleet of stand up paddleboards and kayaks available for hire year-round. 

Our fleet includes:

  • Six paddleboards (Waxenwolf soft tops - 10'10". These are perfect for beginners and are very stable in the water.)
  • Four single kayaks
  • Two double kayaks

For availability, see in store or contact us. Bookings are recommended for large groups or at peak times of year.

The best time to go is at high tide or an hour before. Check out our recommended tracks below.

Rentals include lifejackets and paddles - please note a disclaimer is required to be signed prior to rental.


SINGLE KAYAK $20 $30 $40 $60
DOUBLE KAYAK $30 $50 $60 $90
PADDLEBOARD $25 $40 $65 $100






Track 1: Around Mt Paku

Time: 1 hour (2 hours return)

Length: 3km (6km return)

Difficulty: Intermediate - Expert (depending on the swell)

Conditions required: low swell and winds‚Äč.

Notes: very nice scenery and best done on a calm day with little swell. One of the coolest tracks in the area with awesome marine life and rock formations along the way. A short walk from the surf beach back to the shop may be required during low tide for the one way track.

Track 2: One Way Bridge

Time: 45min return

Length: 2.5km return

Difficulty: Beginner

Conditions Required: High tide

Notes: This is the perfect beginner track - the water is very shallow and you can stand if you fall off. This carries on to the Pepe Stream which is usually sheltered from the wind and can be followed a long way up.

Track 3: Pauanui Beach

Time: 1 hour minimum return

Length: 2km minimum return

Difficulty: Intermediate - Expert (depending on the swell)

Best Time: any

Notes: Great for playing in the waves. Keep an eye out for strong currents in the main channel.

Track 4: Pauanui Waterways

Time: 2 hours minimum return

Length: 8km return

Difficulty: Intermediate

Conditions Required: High tide, light winds

Notes: Leave at least one hour before high tide to get the current going the same way, making things much easier. Light winds and high tide are preferred but can be done in all tides and weather.

Track 5: Tairua River

Time: 2 hours one way

Length: 10km one way

Difficulty: Beginnner

Conditions Required: Offshore winds and outgoing tide. Not recommended during storms and after heavy rain.

Notes: Beautiful down river track if timed right, requires minimal effort with the wind and the current doing most of the work. Stunning fresh water and views make this trip a must do.

Track 6: Shoe Island

Time: 3 hours return

Length: 11km return

Difficulty: Expert

Conditions Required: Low swell, light/no wind.

Notes: Long trip for keen paddlers. 


Further information:

  • ‚ÄčLifejackets must be worn at all times (supplied with rentals)
  • All children under 16 must be directly supervised
  • You must not put yourself or others at risk
  • You are personally responsible for equipment hired
  • Dutchy's Limited takes no responsibility for the above information and this should be used as a guide only
  • A disclaimer must be signed with rental equipment
  • Specialised SUP or kayak lifejackets are available for sale or rent at Dutchy's