Zuker Zm 3.5 Lure Luminous

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The ZM 3.5 Marlin Lure is considered an excellent lure for Marlin, Big Eye Tuna, Yellowfin, and Billfish. It uses a straight running flat-head design for high-speed use in up to 7-20 knots or heavy seas. No matter what the current or what visibility conditions are, the Marlin 3.5 lure will attract the big fish.

Zuker's trolling lures are custom designed and made with the finest materials available. Each Zuker head is moulded in crystal clear resin and features large movable eyes for added attraction. Within the head is a strong brass tubing centre, and either a lead insert that is covered with prism paper, or in the larger sizes, an air-brushed mirror insert.

Zuker ZM3.5 Marlin/Tuna Lure Features:

  • Model: ZM3.5
  • Length: 11"
  • Straight running flat-head design for high speed use
  • Moulded in crystal clear resin
  • Features large movable eyes for added attraction
  • Strong brass tubing center
  • Mirror insert