TLD-50IIA Two Speed Reel + Status Bluewater DDM Bent Butt 5'6" PE 5-8 2pc Rod

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A combination of the Status Bent Butt and the classic Tiagra rod, the Shimano Status Blue Water DDM Bent Butt Game Rod is built to tackle the most dynamic offshore and inshore sport fishing situations found throughout NZ's surrounding oceans. Featuring powerful E-Glass/carbon construction, this rod has extreme strength whilst still maintaining comfortable feel, making it perfect for fishing using electric reels, and both Tiagra and Talica reels. This rod is finished with Pac Bay guides and detachable Pac Bay bent butt.

Shimano Status Blue Water DDM Bent Butt Game Rod Features:
  • E-Glass/carbon blank
  • Pac Bay guides
  • Pac Bay bent butt (detachable)
  • Ideal for use with electric reels, Tiagra and Talica game reels

Shimano Status Blue Water DDM Bent Butt Game Rod Specifications:

  • Model: SBW510DDM3050
  • Length: 5ft 10in
  • Pieces: 2
  • Line weight: 15-24kg
  • Blank type: Graphite/e glass
  • Grip assembly: Full length EVA
  • Guide type: Pac Bay
  • Gimbal type: Pac Bay Bent Butt
  • Reel seat: Pac Bay